Friday, February 15, 2008

Mercurial repository @ SourceForge

Today I set up 2 mercurial repositories on for my project jMmsLib.
It's been quite easy... I basically followed this simple howto and all went straight once I solved one little problem.

Thought the howto state that you have to put you hg distribution inside your project directory, I decided to put it in my user home directory and make a symbolic link in the project home. So at the moment of trying the cgi page I get a python error. It was telling me that it couldn't find a module that was inside the hg distribution.
At first I thought I had messed up the path in the cgi script, so I checked, but all seemed right to me. So I tried to set the path to the hg distribution in the mutt prject home. This time it worked.

Mmm... So thinking the problem was in my hg distribution (maybe a corrupted one!) I substitute it with the one from mutt (always putting it in my user home directory). But still it didn't work...
To make a long story short, the problem was apache (or at least I think it was apache) refuses to include a python module outside the file system portion devoted to projects. So I had to move the hg distribution from my user home to my project home and after all worked like a charm.

Thinking about it now, it is a normal security policy. I wonder why I didn't thought it from the first moment. Besides that, I hope SF will support mercurial soon or later!

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I sadly SF can not get Mercurial in officially way!