Sunday, June 08, 2008


For my thesis I've to produce plot of a lot of data. These plot are fairly simple: basically I have a set of points and I simply need to plot them in various styles. The data is taken from a text file containing the outputs of various simulations.

First attempt was python + gnuplot. It worked, by I wasn't satisfied. Then i discover matplotlib, a python plotting library. It does everything I need (actually a lot more than what I need) and it's in python... that is: integrate it into my parsing/manipulating script it's flawless.

In a few minutes I've managed to write a script that parses the data... manipulates it in the way I need (average/variation calculation and stuff like that), plots it, saves the plots in eps and in the end produces a latex file which shows all the generated plot.

I already was a fan of the coding speed of python. Now I've found another thing that make it even more appealing to me.

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